Athens, Greece


I must admit that Athens was my least favorite place on our trip. We hopped on a tour early in the morning and we were bused up to the Acropolis to see the Parthenon. Acropolis in Greek means “high city” and that is because it is at the top of the highest hill in Athens. The Parthenon and a few other ancient building sit at the top of the Acropolis. We got there around 10am and made our way up to the top of the hill. The buses have to park about a mile away from where the Parthenon actually is so be prepared for a little hike up hill. While the Parthenon was beautiful, the experience was ruined by the amount of people there. Even though we were there in the morning it was already swarming with people . There were hundreds of people which made it difficult to take pictures and it was very crowded once we started going back down the hill to the bus. There is only one way up and one way down so I would suggest visiting this historic site as early as you can to get the best pictures and to avoid crowds. 

The next place we visited was the oldest Olympic site. It was really cool to here the Greek history of the Olympics and get to visit the site. 

The next place we visited was Santorini so stay tuned for more on the details of that day.

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