Ephesus, Turkey


The next stop on our journey was the port of Kusadasi, Turkey. Once we docked we set out on an all day tour of the surrounding area and to the historic site of Ephesus. It was amazing to see all of the ancient architecture and how intact it still was.

The first place we visited was the site of the burial place of St. John the Baptist. 

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After exploring the ruins and learning about the history of that sacred place we set out to visit the House of the Virgin Mary. This was the supposed house that after the death of Jesus she went and lived out the rest of her life.

The next place on the tour was the Library of Celsus and the town of Ephesus. This was the most amazing part of our day in my opinion. The amount of ruins and the state in which they were preserved was amazing to me. The fact that the library facade was still standing with all the finite details after all these thousands of years was incredible. This place was even more amazing than the ancient ruins in Rome that we saw for the sheer fact that there were so many more and they were in such better condition.


After seeing all the ruins we went back to the port of Kusadasi and saw a Turkey rug making demonstration, sipped on local libations, and sauntered back to our ship. 

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