Mykonos, Greece


After a day of cruising we finally docked at Mykonos, Greece. I was most excited for Mykonos and Santorini because of all the beautiful pictures I have see of the picturesque landscape and scenery. And Mykonos did not disappoint. As soon as we got to the island we headed straight for the beach. The beach we went to was on the opposite side of the island from where our ship was docked so it was about a 20 minute bus ride to the other side. But totally worth it. When we got there we were greeted with a beautiful beach and warm sunshine. We quickly grabbed a chair and soaked it all in. After sun bathing for a little while we sat down for a leisurely lunch and some fruity cocktails.


After lunch we took the bus back into Mykonos town and just wandered around. The streets are not on a grid system and they just wind around like a maze. It is super fun to just walk around without an agenda and take it all in. You literally can not take a bad picture here. It is as picturesque as you would imagine it to be with the white houses, blue shutters, and pink bougainvillea. If you are thinking about going to the Mediterranean definitely make a stop here, it is worth a few days stay so you can just wander around town aimlessly all day.

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This was one of my favorite places that we visited and I definitely recommend going here if you have a chance. The whole place has a very laid back vibe and it is a great place to unwind, relax, take in the warm sunshine, and eat some delicious greek food.

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