Santorini, Greece



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After touring Athens we were really looking forward to going to Santorini. We had seen lots of pictures and were excited to explore the winding streets and take in the beautiful scenery. On this day we decided not to partake in a scheduled tour and we did not regret this decision. We departed the ship early in the morning in order to take advantage of as much time as possible. There are two ways to get from the dock to the top of the hill where the town of Fira is. The first way is to take a cable car which is the fastest way and doesn’t cost very much. The second is to take a donkey which will take a longer time. We opted to take the cable car up and walk down, so I’m not sure how much the donkey would cost you. Once we reached the top we arrived in Fira Town and proceeded to walk the streets to get our bearing. Santorini is similar to Mykonos in that you can get lost walking the streets. There are lots of shops and restaurants to look at, however we knew we also wanted to see the town of Oia so we didn’t spend too much time. After walking around for about 1 hour, we decided to get a taxi to take us to the opposite side of the island and go to the town of Oia. We found a taxi driver who actually ended up being our private tour guide! It was perfect! He was a native to the island and had lived there his whole life. He knew we wanted to great photo opportunities, so he took us to all the best secret spots to get the best photographs. We finally made it to Oia (about a 20 min ride from Fira) and made our way to the best spot in town to take pictures of the blue dome churches. It was around 11 am by this time at it was really crowded already with tourists, so if you are able to go earlier in the morning you will be able to get better pictures without fighting the crowds. After snapping some great pictures we promptly headed back to Fira to have lunch. There were too many people in Oia to really be able to settle down into a restaurant. On the way back to Fira our driver gave us the scenic tour and took us to a black sand beach. Fun Fact: Santorini is actually a volcano and the black sand beach is made up of finely ground volcanic rock. After returning to Fira we ate lunch at a local restaurant that our driver had recommended and had some super fresh seafood and traditional Greek food. We then decided to make our way back to the dock to get on the ship (we had to be back on the boat by around 2pm). We decided to walk back down the winding path which took around 45 minutes. It provided some great exercise and a good tan. Also, once we got back on the ship we heard that the line for the cable car was around a 2 hour wait time, so definitely plan ahead. Santorini was one of our favorite places. If I went back to Greece I would definitely plan to stay a few days on this island and Mykonos. 

Thanks for reading. If you would like any other details about Santorini or any of the other places we visited leave a comment below.

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